Wax Seal Tips: Preventing Bubbles

How to Prevent Bubbles in Your Wax Seals

You probably have seen it when you make wax seals with glue guns. Sometimes it happens that bubbles coming out of the glue gun and they end up staying in your wax seal. Even though most people don't notice it, we know some of you do! So read further if you want to know how we can prevent those bubbles from forming. 

Use the Correct Glue Gun

If you have bubbles in your wax seals, it is because your sealing wax is too hot! So make sure you are using a Low-Temperature glue gun or one that can switch from a High to a Low Heat setting. Sealing wax does not require a lot of heat to melt compared to glue sticks and will bubble up if it gets heated too much. This is why it is important to double-check that you are using the correct type of glue gun. 

If you done have one, we got you covered! You can get our Dual-Heat Glue Gun, or our Low-Temperature Glue Gun that comes with our Wax Seal Lovers Bundle. If you are confused about which of our glue guns to get, watch the following video where I laid out the pros and cons of each glue gun that we offer in our shop:

Turn Off Your Glue Gun Periodically

If you have one, great! But even if you have a glue gun that has a low heat setting, sealing wax can still get too hot if the glue gun is on for too long and if you're working with one wax seal stamp. Luckily, this is an easy fix by turning off your glue gun from time to time during the wax sealing process. Usually, we turn off or unplug the glue gun every 5 minutes so the glue gun isn't able to overheat your sealing wax.

Consider Using Multiple Wax Seal Stamps or a Cooling Pack

Another option is to consider using multiple wax seal stamps. This not only shortens your wax seal creation, but you will also have to dispense more wax which prevents it from staying too long in the glue gun and getting overheated. If you don't have multiples, no biggie. Use a cooling pad to help the wax seal cool down faster. Having a cooler wax seal helps with the hardening time of your wax seal, and it helps your stamp ready for the next one!