Birthday SALE

As I get older each year, I can't help but dread when my birthday rolls along. But recently, since I was creating the anxiety and motherhood worksheets, I've just been overwhelmed with this sense of gratefulness at God's provision to the various seasons in my life. I'm so thankful to be healthy and able to run my own business doing what I love, while juggling family life, and even have the chance to dream of new things to come. 












With this sense of gratitude, I would like to share it with a 15% off sale on select calligraphy supplies. If you've been thinking of taking up our beginner calligraphy course, this sale is for you.*

Use the code


We only have limited quantities on certain items, so don't wait! We still might run out of items before our enrollment. Sale is ending this Friday, March 11, 2022 at midnight PST. 

*PSA: We started offering a discount on the Calligraphy Starter Kit when you register for the course this year, but this 15% off sale is bigger than the discount code you get. 



As you know from my most recent blog post and email strings, we've also updated our website with new express rates! You may want to consider that to ensure things arrive to you in a timely manner. 



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