Step 1: Curating your Suite

Browse through our semi-custom collection to select the layout that best suits your aesthetic and your wedding. Then, build your suite by selecting either the 4 piece or 2 piece suite, details card, Save the Date card, and any other special touches to your cart. You will be prompted to select the printing method and the color palette for your suite.

If you need help curating, or don’t understand some of the options or how it all works, you can book a consultation call to go over the details. You can also order a sample so you have a visual of what the items look like.

Step 2: Placing the Order

Once you place your order, you will pay the full amount of the invitations. Then, we will contact you within 3-5 business days with the forms you need to fill out for the invitations. Once we receive the content and we approve it, then the design timeline starts.

Step 3: Design + Revision

We will send you your design for proofing within 7 business days of the content completion. There is one minor revision round included, conditions apply. Any additional changes will incur an additional cost, please see details in our FAQ and our Terms and Conditions. After the proof has been approved, we will send the invitations to print. Typically the invitations take 3-4 weeks for printing and additional 1-2 weeks for calligraphy and assembly, conditions apply. Then, they will be mailed to you to bring to the post office afterwards.



  • 118lb Cardstock Paper: Typically comes in soft white with an eggshell finish. This is the same paper stock we use for colored paper. For colored paper, we can also upgrade to duplex this paper to become thicker.
  • 220lb Cotton Paper: This thick soft white cotton paper has a soft eggshell finish. Typically used for letterpress printing and foil printing.
  • *90lb Handmade Paper. This paper is more cream than the cardstock and the cotton paper. It has a textured finish and edge that differs from paper to paper as it is handmade. It can be used for letterpress and foil printing.

*Handmade paper is available only upon request

The picture below shows the paper options from top to bottom. Cardstock, Cotton Paper, Handmade Paper.



written with the thinnest strokes like a fine piece of thread. timeless calligraphy with tall uppercase and petite lowercase letters


graceful letters in a slender but slightly round script. an elegant style of calligraphy with fluid flourishes


a sinewy flourished lettering. a delicate take on classical calligraphy


intricate and graceful juxtaposed with a sense of wild and organic lines


carefree and blissful handwritten letters. a casual, no-frills style of calligraphy


playful lowercase script in the spirit of waves. an organic style of calligraphy with varied lifts and sizes to letters


We’ve collected our favourite color combinations into color palettes as seen below. If you choose one of these for our semi-custom suites, we will craft your suite based on the chosen color palette. Once you place the order, you can still request a different color. All the available colors for envelopes and paper are also in the section below the color palettes for your reference.

Paper and Envelope Colors

If you prefer to select the paper and envelope colors yourself, you can choose from the following selection. The mustard and steel blue colors both only come in the square flap option.

Printing Colors


Gray, Dusty Blue, Taupe, Black, White


Gold, Silver, Champagne, Copper, Rose Gold