Course Reviews: Invitation Design Bootcamp

With the Invitation Design Bootcamp launching for the second time this week, I wanted to share some reviews from prior students who took the course. This course is packed full of valuable content including 10 + hours of pre-recorded videos, industry secrets and insider tips, plus an exclusive community and personalized feedback. 

Here is what our students had to say about it all...

Jessica @lilbutterflycalligraphy

Joining IDB is such a blessing for me! I love designing and styling, but I didn’t know the appropriate way to do it. Karla taught us the right process in designing invitation step by step and provided lots of useful downloadable files for practice and as our resource guide. She also checked our homework and gave generous feedbacks. One thing that I love, Karla created IDB community, where we could learn from, encourage and support one another. I really recommend this course for everyone who wants to become a wedding stationer!


Dianne @flourishinkcalligraphy

The invitation Design Bootcamp is the best investment I have made in planning to start my own invitation design business. Karla has an amazingly calm presence in the videos and this coupled with the in depth course material that flowed in an orderly fashion from one week to the next meant that you had enough time to digest the content and practice the skills before moving onto the next module. I had so much fun learning, I was sad when it was finished! Thanks to this course I now have confidence to share my new work on my Instagram/portfolio! 

Denise @craftedbydq

Invitation Design Bootcamp is a great course for both aspiring invitation designers and those building their brands. The resources, the videos and the tips shared in the course are elaborate and comprehensive in explaining the design process, especially how Karla broke down the steps into easy-to-understand concepts. The walkthrough on Photoshop and Illustrator are extremely helpful - for one who isn’t adept on these software tools, now I can't imagine designing without these! I definitely recommend the IDB!  Thank you so much Karla for imparting such amazing knowledge!

Molly @olympicplaceprints

I loved the design bootcamp. Karla was available and able to answer all of my questions along the way as I needed! I had so many little things that I was curious about and needed to know more. And this course was it for me!!! Thank you to Karla for being so patient and kind and for answering all of my silly questions.


Dani @inkedblankpage

This course was packed full of valuable information regarding all the steps it takes to create invitations. From creating mood boards and client interactions to actually designing invites, it was awesome to see my visions come to life on screen! Can’t wait to see how they look in person after print!! 

Cherry @cutie.cherry.c.pie

I'm so blessed to have Karla as my teacher from the beginning to learn calligraphy till now. Her kindness, passion, teaching skill, material prepared especially the video help me a lot to build the knowledge. So nice that I can replay as many times as possible! Thanks for creating such a wonderful platform for us even I am living overseas!

Christy @mypacecalligraphy

I would highly recommend Karla's course to everyone who is interested in graphic design generally! IBD is highly practical and covers a wide range of content, from brainstorming designs to Photoshop/ Illustrator skills, to considering printing methods and paper selections. More importantly, Karla does not just teach you the technical IT skills, but she is creative and is a great artist herself! I felt so inspired when we were able to go through her amazing invite designs over the years! After taking Karla's course, I have set up my own calligraphy instagram page @mypacecalligraphy and have started designing greeting cards. The knowledge about digitising my own calligraphy, considerations about printing methods and paper selection have all become so useful when I made my design. I felt this is the first step in my design journey and I hope to design wedding invites in the future - can't thank Karla enough for all the inspirations!



If there's anything I learned about being an invitation designer for so long, is that there's so much more to it than just knowing how to create your calligraphy/artwork and graphic design --- it's knowing how to put it all together, telling the story of your couple, and elevating the vision they have for their wedding.

 I can't wait to work together to start your journey! 



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