Creative Calligraphy Course is reopening for enrolment December 1-8!

I wanted you to be the FIRST to know that our beginner calligraphy program, Creative Calligraphy Course, is reopening for enrolment really soon, this December 1-8, 2021 for a special holiday-inspired early-bird registration! (That means you get a holiday card sent from me to you!) 

If you're interested in registering, make sure you sign up for the waitlist because only our waitlisters get exclusive offers and the holiday special! 

What's new about the Creative Calligraphy Course?

If you've been keeping tabs on me on Instagram, you'll know that we paused our enrolment in order to completely revamp our videos to make them even better and more comprehensive, after teaching this course online for almost two years. It's also the reason why we've upgraded our Calligraphy Starter Kit with new items, so that it better complements the course info, too! This course is so close to my heart and I'm so excited to relaunch it to really help you (and your friends) to start your calligraphy journey on the right foot. 

Here are the key changes:

  • We've focused the videos to learn one specific style of modern calligraphy (vs. multiple) based on student feedback as this promotes muscle memory
  • We've improved videos and content specifically around troubleshooting and connecting letters, which were all based on students' own struggles and feedback
  • We now offer a course-only option, and course+homework support option (highly recommended though!) as we know some of you learn differently. 

I'm still currently updating the page to share what's in the course more, but you can start browsing the course info here

You'll need some supplies to take the course - so order them as soon as possible!

Even though class isn't officially starting until January 2022, you'll  you'll need some supplies to take the course including:

Or you can get it all in our newly improved+updated Calligraphy Starter Kit. We also have got this new Nib Sampler which I think is great for testing out new nibs, and for a limited time, we'll also be offering an Ink Sampler (just added it to the shop!)

These days shipping may take longer than expected, so if you're thinking of it, don't hesitate as we also have limited quantities in the shop.



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