Episode 5: Hand Engraving 101 with Roesseinart

It’s okay to say that you’re still learning. I’ve always been an advocate for pursuing flexibility and learning to grow with the flow! But I totally understand how unnerving it is to be in a “beginner” state. Even right now, as I work on my online course, there’s so much to learn and it can get overwhelming.

Engraving is fairly new to me, I have just picked it up last year and thanks to the incredible community surrounding engraving on IG and Facebook, I’ve just felt like my learning curve was so much smaller than when I started out with calligraphy almost 10 years ago. I was so honored that Telisa from Roessein Art, a Toronto calligrapher and engraver decided to join me for a super fun, hang-out style episode on Written Word Spotlight! We talked a ton about the tips and tricks for starting out in engraving, touched on doing this on-site, some of the tried and true tools for engraving calligraphy into glass and metal, but also about a lot of other things like running a business and marketing yourself organically. I’m not going to spoil what we all talked about, so you’ll watch our Youtube video (and please subscribe to it!) But grab some snacks, your favourite tea, and hang out with us in the video below!


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