Holiday Guide 2021 is here!

So excited that our holiday gift guide is now up! We're really excited to introduce some limited edition Holiday Bundles (more to come in the next few weeks as we still need to photograph them!). 

In a season full of hurry, I pray for peace and joy to fill your hearts. As you peruse the catalog and plan for everyone on your list, I hope you can choose items that spark joy and peace. My hope is that through our products you will see the beauty in slowing down and enjoying the journey. 

The wonderful thing is - calligraphy is a gift that keeps on giving! It's the perfect thing to gift someone that seems to have everything, or for your mom, your besties, or your crew of employees if you've got a small business like mine! They get to learn a new skill that they can create lots of wonderful things with it, like gifts, giftwrapping, or perhaps write you a beautiful handwritten letter afterwards. When you gift someone a hobby, it's so meaningful and rewarding. Personally for myself, calligraphy has always been my way to relax, unwind, and it does wonders for my anxiety. This year, we've expanded the beginner's line of products from the mini starter kit to our ultimate Written Word Bundle. 

If you've been doing calligraphy for awhile, I would definitely suggest one of our beautiful pens, made with an ergonomic grip, cast in resin and brass. 

To Shop the items in the Gift Guide, head on over here

xoxo, Karla

Written Word Calligraphy Holiday Catalog 2021

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