Hubby Tries Calligraphy for the First Time/Father’s Day Special

If you are needing a good laugh, you NEED to watch this video! I got to feature my better half, Clement and our son, Chase in our Father’s Day Special this year! This video is all about Clement trying out calligraphy for the VERY first time in his life. Yes, you read that. In all my years of teaching calligraphy, I only now just got around to teaching my husband 😂The challenge was for him to answer questions about himself and Chase to see if they sync up. Honestly, the results are pretty hilarious! Maybe we can start a new trend -#ITeachMyHusbandCalligraphy? We’ll see - enjoy!



PS. If after watching this video you’re like, wow I actually want to learn calligraphy, I got you! We are opening up the Creative Calligraphy Course again in July so if you want some real training (I promise I’m a better teacher than I show here) come learn Modern Calligraphy with me!

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