I'm teaching calligraphy at Workshop Week 2022

I'm Teaching at Workshop Week 2022

You heard that right!

I'm teaching at the widely-popular, super fun, and best of all FREE Workshop Week 2022 with 40 other instructors! I'm going to be teaching an overview of modern calligraphy and creating a fun vellum gift wrap with it! 

Here are the details: 

  • The event is FREE to register
  • You'll get access to 40+ workshops that will be aired between June 6-10, 2022
  • Each session will air at its own specific time and be available for only 24 hours. Then it’ll get taken down and moved to the (paid) vault. That's right - if you'd like to get access to these workshops for a longer period of time, you can purchase the Vault access to it. 
  • This year, there are also 6 kids workshops that will be available all week so that you can keep your littles creatively occupied, too!

Register Here for the Workshop Week

Sneak Peek of What You'll be Learning!

I'll be teaching a quick crash course on modern calligraphy so that you can apply it as a vellum overlay for giftwrapping! :) 
As a disclaimer, when you use my link to register and purchase the Vault (premium access) I'll earn a commission from it! This is how we get paid during the Workshop Week. Thank you so much for supporting my business! 
Well, what are you waiting for?

Register Here for the Workshop Week



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