Introducing: Biblical Affirmations Worksheets + Printable

Say Hello to the Biblical Affirmation Worksheets and Printables!

This one has been a long time coming! I remember when I was a young teenager, God impressed into my heart the desire to get baptized. However, the moment I started to go through the baptismal classes, I started to question my faith and God's existence. I was troubled and confused and unsure - as most teenagers are, I suppose! Additionally, I had to travel to China for 2 months on a study tour during SARS - where I was far away from family and support. In that uncertain season, God met me in His word and I began to write and memorize His word. This was actually the start of Written Word Calligraphy! It was only later on that I started writing scripture in calligraphy. 

But writing those affirming verses about my identity in Christ, who I am, who He is, really helped shape me from that teenage season to today. That's why when the world started to focus so much on 'self care' and 'self assurance', it unsettled me because I know I am a broken human being, there are many times that I've failed and will continue to do so. So assuring myself of His grace and what He did for me, really helped me craft this collection of Bible Verses and Affirmations. I also worked on this with our pastor at our church, The Tapestry Nights, to ensure that they were sound. 

Browse the Biblical Affirmations Worksheets Here

The Digital Worksheets have 18 Affirmations + Verses

For this collection, we actually have two separate products. We have the Affirmations in a digital, traceable worksheet in calligraphy - if you want to practice calligraphy while meditating on these verses, and also in a printable format, which you can cut into 5x7 sheets to display or gift.  There will be a line for the affirmation first, then the supporting Bible Verse underneath.  

The printable is a perfect gift for yourself or for others!

Since not everybody does calligraphy, we thought it would make sense to create printable pieces so that you all can enjoy my artwork in your homes. The 18 affirmations + verses are designed into 5x7 sheets that are laid out in 8.5x11 format, for ease of printing!

Browse the Biblical Affirmations Printable

I hope you would be encouraged by this collection

I also recently received feedback that how come most of my worksheets are based on the Bible and it's because I do believe that my business and my gift in calligraphy was all from God and I do want to share it with you that you may be inspired and nourished by it. Also, if you'd like to check out the Spotify playlist I put together, it's this one!

Here's also a Youtube Video on how to print your digital worksheets!

xoxo, Karla

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