Join the Waitlist for the Wax Seal Stove, Wax Beads and New Wax Seal!

We're so excited to be featuring some new products in the shop this July 11, 2022! Make sure you jump on the waitlist so that you'll be notified the moment we open the pre-order.

Someone recently asked me, what's your favorite part of your job? I answered - creating new products that you love, and seeing your happy faces (or reading your lovely reviews) when you unbox and use our new products! 

This year, we endeavored to expand our Wax Seal Product Line and this launch is extra exciting because it's going to be the last one before I pop! Honestly the amount of work required to create these products feels like another baby to me, so I am always so excited to welcome these new products to our shop. 

We will be launching LIMITED quantities of these items in the shop, so please join the waitlist so that you'll be informed the moment we set up the Pre-Order. Our official launch date is July 11, 2022. 

What's launching?

Written Word Wax Seal Stove

Brass Wax Seal Stove + Spoon

We're so excited for this mid-century modern inspired wax seal stove that we've designed to hit the shop. It's made with 100% brass, and comes with a tealight and a brass melting spoon as well for wax. We know some of you have been waiting for this piece for quite some time! It's definitely an invitation to slow down - but think of all the possibilities you can make with this stove!

Written Word Wax Seal Beads

Wax Seal Beads in 8 Colors

We've just introduced new colors into our sealing wax collection this past May, but now you've got a chance to use them in bead form! They are in these cute arch shape with our logo on it. Colors available: Pearl White (so you can make things metallic!), Blush, Beige, Gold, Forest Green, Pale Gray and Dusty Blue! 

Calligraphy Pen Wax Seal

Special Edition: Calligraphy Pen Wax Seal

We're launching a calligraphy inspired wax seal because... we're calligraphy lovers ;) We're just launching it this season and if you love it - we might just keep it! It features an oblique pen, ink bottle and some practice strokes! :) 

All of these are launching this July 11, 2022, so mark your calendars!

Truly, I can't wait to see what you make out of these new wax seal supplies. 

xoxo, Karla

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