Miniature Wax Seals are here!

We're so excited to launch our new mini wax seal collection!

These tiny 11mm wax seals may be small, but make the biggest impression because they are JUST.SO.CUTE. These miniature wax seals have two designs, one on each side, so they have the sweetest pairings. 

The mini wax seals are now available in our shop here.

Say hello to the heart and lettermail wax seal.

When we ran a poll on what wax seal design you guys wanted to see, you definitely wanted to get a tiny heart! And of course what better way to show your love for someone with wax seals - but with a handwritten letter. 

A little motherhood inspo - Mrs. Potts and Chip! 

Say hello to our Teapot and Teacup wax seal. I'm not a big coffee fan, but I do love my tea (and so does my team!) 

Bonjour, croissant? Oui? 

My kids LOVE croissants, and recently, my daughter has been "speaking" french, by saying "oui" whenever I ask her if she wants more food. Paired with a to-go coffee cup!

Cookies and milk, please! 

I find it so adorable that my son now loves to eat oreos, cause they are one of my fave cookies! And of course you have to dunk them into milk, right? 

We actually have more coming down the pipe, but making these wax seals so tiny has definitely become quite a bit of a challenge and we want to make sure they make the best impression ;) We surely hope you guys love this new collection! 




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