Modern Inkwell + Pen Rest

Gorgeous right?! The story behind making this beautiful product come to life was quite adventurous! This sparkly piece took so much research to figure out how to even make it come to life. Inspired by chopstick rests and a minimalist mid-century modern shape, we sketched piece after piece, worked it through with a 3D artist and CNC machinery specialist 😅. We had to debate many ways to make this happen because this shape just doesn’t exist!

This meant every nook and cranny had to be planned. We initially wanted to make these into pressed flowers and resin but the material just wasn’t working, then plastic was gonna require 10,000 minimums, and this has a faux brass finish because real brass wasn’t able to be cut evenly for the circular portion. Basically, it looked unfinished in a bad way 😅. So we had to improvise! Plus we wanted to make this material wipeable cause our wooden inkwells weren’t cutting it with all the sumi ink. We also wanted to make sure it matched the aesthetic of all the other pieces we were launching. Had to learn a whole new slew of words to make this piece come to life, but it’s so so worth it. Love seeing it in its new home in our textured packaging box with gold foil 🥰

Our Modern Inkwell and Pen Rest is our answer to the never-ending problem of not knowing where to put our pen when we just want to take a quick break. This inkwell is designed to hold many kinds of ink bottles. You can also fill the included 1 oz ink bottle with your own ink. The chopstick-inspired groove was created for resting your pen.

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