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Earlier this week, I went live on Instagram to showcase all the different tools I use to create the videos you would see on my Instagram and Tiktok! Taking videos for all these different social platforms is extremely important, especially with Instagram's recent announcement with it no longer being a photo-sharing app. Instead, it will become known as an "entertainment app" and will feature more videos. Craaaaazy, right?! 😲 This is why, more than ever, it is so crucial to be creating videos that make followers connect with you in a personal way. Trust me, I understand how difficult content creation can get, so I am thrilled to be sharing what has worked for me over the years and what tools I've discovered lately that has been a huge help! So if you're a creator like me, keep reading to discover which devices and video editing apps I use 🤓 Phone Holder

This one is my favourite tool right now for taking videos. It's really great for top-down and angled videos, or even just to hold my phone when I have IG live sessions, for example. I love the adjustable height and the compactness of it when I need to put it away. The white aesthetic definitely is a huge plus. 
  • Pro's - compact, good counterweight (doesn't fall down), sturdy/not wobbly, great aesthetic 
  • Con's - some angles are limited. you may see it in the top down shots, need to remove my phone case as my phone is pretty big. has given me a code for you guys! Use KARLA10 at check out and here is a link for the Phone Holder.

Overhead Arm Phone Holder

I like that I can get really close to my work with this holder - but it's limited with the height adjustment. I use it the most whenever I need to do some up-close detail shots of me writing. 
  • Pro's - Stable, decent counterweight (sometimes I need to add some more weight). 
  • Con's - limited height, the ball attachment isn't as sturdy but usable! 
I got this one from Aliexpress but it definitely took a while to get to me! Another option is the Double Bar Overhead Phone Stand on Amazon but I haven't personally tried it yet.

Dji Osmo Mobile 3 or 4

This one is a gimbal, which is a stabilizer - a little bit different from these other two. I personally love it for those beautiful panning shots for products, vlogging, and also just as an easy tabletop phone holder, like whenever I have IG Stories or Lives. I got it this device off Amazon!

  • Pro's: Relatively inexpensive for a gimbal, super easy to setup 
  • Con's: Takes a little bit of getting use to if you haven't used one before

Gooseneck Holder

Before I had the first two phone holders, I used the gooseneck holder a lot. It is a bit shaky - I have to hold it to calm down the bouncing but it really does the job. I love how flexible it is in tight spaces and getting those angles. I also purchased this device from Amazon.

  • Pro's: Can get those unique angles the first two can't, flexible solution for tight spaces. 
  • Con's: Can be bouncy, have to set up every time, can be a bit wobbly and shaky.

Overhead Phone Video Stand

I personally haven't used this one but I've heard some good things about it from my peers in the industry! You can purchase it from Amazon.
That's it! I hope you find these tools extremely helpful as you create content for your social media platforms. Please DM me if you have any questions @writtenwordcalligraphy.
Please note this post contains some affiliate links. 


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