New Worksheets, Upcoming Sale, and More!

Hi there!


Exciting news! We launched our new digital worksheets today- our new digital practice worksheets are now live. You can shop now! 

In the Motherhood worksheets, you will be practicing  writing a collection of verses that really spoke to me as a new mom, struggling with lack of sleep and anxiety, in various styles.  In the Anxiety to Hope worksheets, you will be practicing writing a collection of verses that speak about dealing with fear and anxiety and finding hope and peace in God’s word.


These are best written while playing music in the background. I hope writing these verses will be a time of worship, meditation and healing for you as it has been for me. The worksheets feature an instruction guide, 16 Bible Verses on 8.5x11 sheets with tracing and slant lines, and the same verses in images to be used on Procreate on the iPad. The intention of these worksheets are for practicing to increase muscle memory for writing in calligraphy. An added bonus is that this is an amazing way to relax and meditate on God’s word while practicing, and also hopefully provide you some hope as you struggle through anxiety.


In other news... 

On February 28th, we will be restocking our Calligraphy Starter Kit. So keep an eye out for that. It will be just in time for our upcoming sale. 

Yearly Birthday Sale

March 7-11th we will be having a sale of our calligraphy supplies and our worksheets! 





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