Introducing Our New Oblique Calligraphy Penholders

Isn’t she lovelyyy? 🎶

That’s the song that goes on in my head when I stare at my new calligraphy pens! It's honestly so surreal seeing what you design and create for months, after lots of trial and error, in your own hands the very first time. Say hello to our new Oblique Calligraphy Pens, made with these frosted quartz patterned resin paired with a tapered brass tip, designed with an ergonomic grip for ease of writing. These pens are specifically designed for holding pointed nibs. They are adjusted to hold the Nikko G, which is one of my personal favorites, but it can also fit many other similar pointed pen nibs (or you can adjust the pen to fit other nibs in this video here). The modern slant on the top of the resin body was designed to avoid hitting ink when dipped into the inkwell. 

The Inspiration Behind our new Oblique Penholder

When I was designing this pen, I was inspired by the whimsical, free-flowing shapes that alcohol ink arts created. I loved how every piece would always come out very unique, and yet it could still reflect the personality and style of the artist. As a modern calligrapher, I’ve always believed that each and every one of us has a unique calligraphy “voice” that we can share with the world. As I designed this pen, I sought to reflect this vision through a minimal color palette, while crafting a shape that would encourage good grip, be comfortable to write with over time, and aesthetically pleasing. ✨

Are you ready to get one (or all😜) of these pens in your hands? You can shop here! This pen is suitable for right-handed and left-handed writers - although I must say for lefties, it's going to be your preference if you like to write with a straight or an oblique. For righties, we definitely recommend these. Available in 3 colors: white quartz, rose quartz and black quartz.


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