Our Beginner Course is Reopening

Next week, our spring enrollment for the Creative Calligraphy Course (CCC) reopens. When you are part of the waitlist, you do get a little bonus code from me, so if you've been thinking of it, make sure you register on the waitlist
If you have been tuning in on social media, you know I am pregnant with baby #2 and we are due in August. This means I will be on maternity leave for the latter part of the year. We will still have enrollment for this Creative Calligraphy Course, but we won't be able to offer our premium package where we have homework and live sessions. After the April enrollment ends next week, we will have one more enrollment in late May, for a June start date. That will be the last enrollment of the year with the homework support. The premium package will then resume again in 2023. 
I know I say this every time... but order your supplies early please! With shipping hurdles, I would encourage you to get your supplies as soon as possible. 
- A printer, laser would make it cheaper! 
- HP 32 lb paper, at least 100-250 pages
- A calligraphy pen, like this or like this
- Nikko G and Brause Steno Nibs
- Best bottle Sumi Ink, or Moon Palace Ink
Or to make your life SUPER easy, just order our Calligraphy Starter Kit. Everything is in one box, including the worksheets in a spiral bound pad. Plus a number of my personal favorite tools. 
I can't wait to see you there!!! 



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