Seal the Celebration: Lunar New Year Collection

I hope you guys are having a fantastic start to the new year! Another thing I personally celebrate with my family, is Lunar New Year and this year (yes this date changes every year haha!) it's on February 10, 2024. And this year, is the Year of the Dragon. It's extra special to me because I was born on the Year of the Dragon. I don't really follow zodiacs, but I must say that the Dragon Zodiac matches my personality a lot (haha!) What is your Chinese Zodiac? When you read up on your year's personality, does it match yours at all?

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, we are saying hello to 2 new wax seal designs: Dragon and Lantern, both hand-illustrated by me. The dragon wax seal is in a custom shape with a 3d structure, complete with a metallic red handle. 

The second design is a Chinese lantern wax seal, with an oval shape. I personally have loved creating these 3d wax seal designs, because it really brings the designs to life. In addition, we are also introducing the lunar red sealing wax, which is this stunning metallic red shade that matches the celebratory look of this season. You can only get these designs in bundles with the sealing wax, or in our Lunar New Year wax seal lovers bundle which comes complete with our dual-heat glue gun, choice of wax seal, sealing wax, 50 wax seal adhesive stickers and silicon mat! 

We'll only have limited quantities of this collection (in fact as I type up this blog post, we ran out of the gold sealing wax!). Shop this collection now! 

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