Spruce Up Your Wax Seals With...

Food!? Experiment Creating Unusual Wax Seals With Us!

You might have seen our Instagram posts trying out different kinds of foods to decorate our wax seal. We know this sounds odd, but honestly, this was such a fun thing to do! And the greatest part of this was that it inspired a bunch of you to re-create some of them! 

If you missed those posts, don't fret! We decided to compile all our wax seal creations into one YouTube Playlist for you! In the playlist shown below, you can see us make wax seals with tea, cinnamon, sprinkles, and even pork floss!

Let us know what you think! Would you re-create some of them? Or are there any other wax seals that you would want to see us make? It doesn't have to be a food item, all suggestions are welcome! Just drop a comment below.


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