5 Ways to Price Yourself as a Calligrapher

Are you starting out in your calligraphy business? Have you started promoting and selling your work, but are not sure how to begin pricing yourself? Then you'll want to watch this video about how to price yourself as a calligrapher, and some of the products/services that are better priced a certain way!

Pricing is such a sensitive topic and honestly, there's no one formula to every single project because it highly depends on yourself, the amount of time you have, the level of difficulty, and so on. However, I've been in the calligraphy business for 8+ years and through my experience, I've been able to price myself in five different ways and I want to share this information with you! 

The 5 best ways to price yourself are:

  • Hourly 💲
  • Per Project ✍️
  • Per Square Foot 📏
  • By Difficulty ✒️
  • Per Item 📦

How To Price Yourself as a Calligrapher

Got More Questions?

If after watching this video you have more questions about pricing, shoot me a DM @writtenwordcalligraphy, I'd love to give you more of my insight! To take this knowledge a bit further, you can also join my online course, Calligraphy Business Kickstarter where I share more about selling your calligraphy work and much, much more! 

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