Our Calligraphy Book for Beginners is finally here!

Say hello to Creative Calligraphy Made Easy, our very own calligraphy book for beginners that includes all the how-to’s to help YOU get started in calligraphy. It also has 24 pages of writable worksheets, so that you can practice and write directly on the book itself, including 30 stylish projects that you can create from your newfound calligraphy skills. The calligraphy projects include calligraphy cards, wedding and event calligraphy, hand-lettering projects for the home and gifts. The bonus section even includes information on how you can digitize calligraphy, as well as a resource guide for where to get your supplies and tools, for both calligraphy and hand-lettering.
Once you receive the books, please leave a (5-star!) review for me on the platform! It would really help the rankings of my book.
You can now order our modern calligraphy book via the following sites, or if you would like to get a signed calligraphy book, you may order one here.
Mini Starter Kit + Signed Book Bundle $98.00