Calligraphy Monogram Wax Seal Stamp


Ever wondered what our calligraphy monograms looked like? Well, in this video I give you a closer look at what these wax seals are all about! I've created all these wax seals using a glue gun and sealing wax, so you can really see how our calligraphy wax seal stamps look like in real life. 🤩

Calligraphy Monogram Wax Seal Stamp

What I Love About my Wax Seals

The really special thing about these products is that they are written in our signature calligraphy style from A-Z and are extremely simple. They also don't have a curst around them so they're perfect for personalized stationery. I also love that you can use them for any kind of stationery or special events.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video as much as I loved making it for you! 

How To Shop

Typically the calligraphy monograms come in a box like you see in the photo below, but you can also purchase the seal by itself. You can purchase my calligraphy monogram wax seals in our shop

PS. I'm always posting reels of me using my wax seals so if you love watching those kinds of videos, come join me on Instagram!  

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