CCC Student Spotlight: @lilbutterflycalligraphy

One of our CCC Students, Jessica from @lilbutterflycalligraphy was having so much fun in her calligraphy journey and documented her daily journey in learning calligraphy. In the Creative Calligraphy Course, you get to choose a length of time you’d like to commit to learning modern calligraphy. While the course is self-paced, some students find it really helpful to follow a weekly schedule of what to learn so that they can stay on track. Jessica chose the 30 day option.

Our beginner calligraphy online course starts off with posting up a signed commitment on your desk. Check out her gorgeous table setup, plus, she got our calligraphy book, Creative Calligraphy Made Easy, too! The course is structured into 10 pre-recorded sessions that have worksheets in each session, plus 3 bonus sessions that have projects for the students to do, so that they can apply their newfound skills after that. The first session talks about the various tools you need to get started in calligraphy. Then, the second session focuses on explaining and troubleshooting the pen holding and writing technique for calligraphy. Pointed pen calligraphy is a very specific style of calligraphy that is different from your daily handwriting. In this second session, we also talk about practice strokes and drills, as the combination of these strokes create the letters of the alphabet.




One of the key defining aspects of this course that sets us apart from other online calligraphy courses, such as Skillshare, is that our course is not a one-way information overload. You can submit homework, ask questions and get constructive feedback you need, as if you were learning from me live. There’s also a private community group as well as group live sessions, to help supplement your learning.

Jessica was able to join us in our first live session in February and it was such a joy seeing her face to face, after seeing her work through the course via Instagram.

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