Crash Course on Calligraphy + Free Worksheet Download

Hot off the press!

It's been in my heart to work on a new worksheet and finally it's here! We're going to be learning all about "u" (pun intended 😉) and I also made a video of myself using this worksheet - a little crash course on modern calligraphy. If you've been thinking of learning modern calligraphy and want a preview of what it's like to learn from me, this video + worksheet is a great place to check out! 

In this video, I give a crash course on modern calligraphy, then I teach 3 practice drills, and when you combine them together, you make the letter "u". The worksheet also has a short list of supplies that we use and where to get them. Hope you find it useful!

Here is the link if you want to grab the worksheets!

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