How do I get started in calligraphy + Free Practice Sheets

“Where do I start?”

The moment I meet someone that is interested in calligraphy, this is the question I get.

“Is it hard?” “Where do I begin?” “Where do you buy tools and supplies?”

I totally get it. When I started out in calligraphy, it was honestly pretty overwhelming as well. Definitely wished that someone, an expert at it, would just guide me through the process so that I didn’t have to troubleshoot so much! So I took it on myself to create a workshop that teaches the step by step process of learning calligraphy. What tools to use, where to get them, how to hold the pen, the proper techniques while writing, and then of course the letters themselves and connecting them. After teaching a ton of these in-person workshops, I had requests all over the world to teach my classes online - so finally here we are!

My new online calligraphy workshop, Creative Calligraphy Course. I’ve been working on this for months now, trying to make what’s in person, digital. Believe me - it wasn’t easy! I wanted to make it as close to real life as much as possible, with tons of videos, worksheets, troubleshooting guides and notes, live sessions, and a private Facebook group, too. Anyway, if you want to check it out - click on the link below.


In this video below, I share about the three steps to get started in calligraphy!


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