How to Make Wax Seals with a Glue Gun

Our new Wax Seal Lover's kit is now available on our website! I am so excited, it is my favorite thing in our shop right now.

The Kit Includes:

1. Your choice of our Brass Wax Seal Kit

2. Your choice of our glue gun sealing wax

3. A beautiful, blush pink glue gun

4. Silicone mat for a nice flexible surface to work on 

Now onto the good stuff, let's talk about how to get started with this beautiful kit. First, you should plug in your glue gun and insert one of your wax seal sticks. It will take 2-3 minutes to heat up. 

An optional, additional material, not included in our kit, is an ice pack to cool down the brass in between stamping.

Once the glue gun is heated, squeeze 1-2 times until you have 0.5-1 inch circular wax on your silicone mat. You will notice that the first few wax seals that you make will be less hot, so the wax will dry more quickly. As the wax heats up more, it will take longer to dry and therefore you will have to wait longer to remove your brass seal. 

You can do this routine on the silicone mat or directly onto your envelope. Up to you! If using the silicone mat to make a batch of seals, you can then later stick to envelopes and packaging using adhesive. Super fun to have these available when you need them- they will really elevate your love letters, and packages to your friends and family. 

To check out the video tutorial, click play below or head to this link here on Youtube. Comment below with some common troubles you have ran into when practicing your wax sealing. We hope to solve those issues with today's tutorial. 




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