How to Print Your Digital Worksheets and Paper Recommendations

Paper + Printing Recommendations for Digital Worksheets

So this week we launched our Biblical Affirmations Worksheets and Biblical Affirmation Printable, I hope you get to check them out! They are extra special because they contain both an affirmation and a supporting Bible Verse. It took me over 3 days just writing them, so it definitely is a wonderful practice piece. 

I also just wanted to share some of my paper and printing recommendations for the worksheets, because I know some of you would ask! Please note that some of these contain affiliate links and we may earn a small commission from them. 


For printing worksheets, I highly recommend using the HP 32lb Premium Laserjet Printer, this one is just like regular copy paper, but holds ink really well and is slightly thicker so nibs don't stab the paper. It is also really smooth to write on. 

For cardstock, I like the Neenah Paper but this one is pretty flexible if you're looking to just print and display - meaning you can get other papers to print on! 

For cardstock that you want to write on, I recommend the Strathmore Bristol paper. I usually cut the 11x17 sheets into 8.5x11 so I can print on them easily. This paper is a dream to write on, as some of the cardstocks don't hold ink well. 


For printing, I usually recommend a laser printer, a monochrome one is good enough unless you'll find other uses for them. I have the HP M477dw but it's a color one and has additional features. But something simple like this would be good enough, especially because you can connect to it from your mobile device

If you do already have an inkjet printer, that's okay too! Just make sure you are printing only black when you print with it so you're not wasting ink, and to make sure the ink is completely dry (wait at least 30 minutes or more!) before you write on it. 

Other Tools

For writing, of course we recommend our Nikko G Nibs, Calligraphy Pens and Moon Palace Sumi Ink

For displaying, we love using these wooden holders. You can cut the cardstock to the size you need using this cutter. The printables are 5x7 in size, and it's laid out so you can print two in one. 

I can't wait to see you all use these worksheets and printables!

If you have any questions or would like more recommendations, please let me know!

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