Introducing: Marriage and Love Digital Worksheets

Fall in Love with Our New Calligraphy Worksheet! 

I’m excited to introduce our newest addition to the digital worksheet collection – meet our Marriage and Love edition featuring beautiful Bible verses that , you guessed it, speak about love and marriage. I created these worksheets because I just celebrated my 10th anniversary last week and I wanted to encourage you all to dive deep into God's Word for leading you in enriching your marriage. 

What's Inside

This digital download of calligraphy verses are written in various Written Word Calligraphy styles. The worksheets feature an instruction guid to get you started, and a total of 16 of our favourite verses in the Bible, written on 8.5x11 sheets with tracing and slant line. Image files are included for digital practice on your iPad, such as on Procreate. 

Browse the Mariage and Love Digital Worksheets here. 

Here's also a Youtube Video on how to print your digital worksheets!

Why You'll Love This

These worksheets are perfect for practicing your calligraphy skills while meditating on verses about love and marriage. Did you know that God is quite the romantic? There are so many love-filled verses, guidance about how to keep the unity in your marriage (as some of you know it's not the easiest!), and also how we should love each other as God had intended. 

Ten Wonderful Years

Did you know? Clement and I got married in Maui, Hawaii in 2014. This week, in celebration for these worksheets launching, I'll be sharing a bit about our love story - how we met, dating, getting married, married life, and then parenting (our current season). We've definitely faced our ups and downs over the years, which have challenged and molded us in many ways. We praise God for His grace that has been so abundant in the different seasons. Make sure you tune in to my IG if you wanna hear all about our story! 

xoxo, Karla

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