Introducing our Calligraphy Premium Membership!

Creative Calligraphy Course gets an upgrade: Premium Membership is now here!

We're so excited to announce that we are now offering a month-to-month membership program for learning modern calligraphy! As you may know, we have a beginner calligraphy program called the Creative Calligraphy Course. This program teaches modern calligraphy, and is a pre-recorded video course with over 6 hours of content, covering everything from tools/supplies, techniques, lowercase + uppercase, connecting letters, and applying calligraphy in various surfaces. For years, we set ourselves apart by offering homework submissions/feedback and live sessions, weekly challenges, to allow our course to be a two-way system, instead of just learning by watching. But in order to encourage our students, this premium service of homework submissions, etc. was offered only for 90 days. After much deliberation, we decided to offer this now on a month-to-month subscription. 

The Premium Membership is a monthly subscription that includes: 

  • Unlimited Homework Submissions + Feedback - so that we can help you troubleshoot and finetune your skills 
  • Monthly Live Practice Sessions + Q&A - we'll be working through letters, words and quotes together
  • Access to an exclusive Community, similar to a Facebook Group - where you can post questions, respond to weekly challenges, win prizes and so much more. 
  • Access to Member Perks - such as digital worksheets, Product Discounts and special bonuses throughout the year

By changing into a membership structure, we are giving YOU the flexibility to choose the amount of support you need. You can pause, cancel, restart based on your learning journey. We also really want to foster a closer calligraphy community where you can learn, practice and progress together over a longer period of time. 

Premium Member Perk: Phone Holder

For example, to help our live sessions, we are gifting our Premium Members a phone holder, just need to pay for shipping (or you can order this with your Calligraphy Starter Kit)! This phone holder will help take videos of yourself while writing, and so we can help troubleshoot if there are any issues, and also during the live sessions it'll work as a secondary camera - so we can watch you write and you can watch the instructor write too! 

Getting the feedback is so important to growing your skills.

While we love the flexibility of watching videos to learn, there's something about the accountability of learning by submitting homework and getting instructions on how to improve. Above is a picture of some of the homework from our students this past year. 

The Premium Membership will only be available for enrolment a few times a year, while the course itself will be open year-round. 

If you're interested in joining the membership outside the enrolment, you can email us at and we'll be able to help you out. 

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