Introducing our Muted Ink Collection Line

Finally, they are here! We partnered with Dr. Ph. Martin's, creator of some of our favorite inks to create this beautiful, unique line of calligraphy inks that are muted, understated, pastel and have gray undertones. We have two sets of colors, warm tones and cool tones. As of this time, we are not planning to sell the inks individually for inventory purposes, but we will consider to launch smaller ink collections in the near future. 

We are so grateful for your patience since our announcement of this product line in November 2022, as we faced multiple supply chain issues for approvals. Finally, we are able to fulfill the orders. This will be a limited edition collection exclusive to Written Word Calligraphy and Design. To shop, head here

To see how the inks perform, check out this video here. 


To troubleshoot our inks, check out this video here and this blog post here: Muted Calligraphy Inks FAQ as we detail some of the top questions about our muted inks including how to use them for the first time, how to dilute the inks, etc. 

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