A peek into our Mini Calligraphy Starter Kit

Say hello to our Mini Calligraphy Starter Kit! We created this kit because we wanted a minimal kit for you to gift to your friends who are interested in calligraphy. Pair this kit with our calligraphy book or practice pads for more practice.

This kit includes:

  • 1 Dual Purpose Calligraphy Pen

  • 1 Brass Nib Holder Container and Keyring

  • 2 Nibs (Nikko G and Brause Steno)

  • 1 oz Moon Palace Ink Bottle

  • 1 Starter Kit Guide Insert with Instructions

This kit is packaged in a luxury paper box with a gold foil sleeve. Take a look at what’s inside the kit with this Youtube Video of the Mini Calligraphy Kit Unboxing.

As stated earlier, you can buy this kit alone or pair it with my book, Creative Calligraphy Made Easy. This book includes the basics of modern calligraphy, worksheets, projects you can create with calligraphy, but it doesn’t include supplies. So, we created a Mini Calligraphy Starter Kit to go with it all!

What’s included in this bundle:

  • Signed Creative Calligraphy Made Easy book written to the name on the form submitted

  • Screen-printed Calligraphy Tools Book Tote and Case

  • Mini Starter Kit (Dual-purpose calligraphy pen, 1 oz sumi ink, brass nib holder and keyring, Nikko G nib and Brause Steno nib, instruction guide)

  • Terrazzo and Alphabet Washi Tape 





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