New Products: Wax Seals and Sealing Wax


Our new collection of wax seals, sealing wax and accessories have JUST arrived in the shop. We couldn't be more excited! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we know it took a while to get here. 

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10 New Wax Seal Designs

This time around we are introducing 10 beautiful new wax seal designs, a good chunk of them were requests from so many of you. In fact, if you recall, we promised to send out a set if you were the first to suggest it! We've sent a few in the mail to our lovely submitters.

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6 New Sealing Wax Colors

For the longest time, we dragged our feet about adding new colors to the palette because we knew how much you guys love our white and gold wax sticks - but we couldn't resist any longer since so many of you asked for more!

The inspiration behind our first collection of wax sticks (yes if you love them, we'll definitely add more colors!) is to share our love for muted tones - from vellum (which works SO great with dried florals), to nude/beige (which is so much part of our aesthetic), to blush (our clients' fave colors), to dusty blue (also another client favorite), to pale gray and forest green (which are both colors that resemble our Pacific Northwest weather here in Vancouver).

Which one is your fave???

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Also IN: Written Word x Mae Lily Dried Floral Dust! 

So many of you have loved our dried floral wax seals we've made for our clients so we decided to make a special wax seal embellishment kit, with dried florals - in our fave natural, earthy tones, paired with silvery gold tweezers. These are great for 50-70 wax seals, depending on how many you put on each! Your recipients are going to LOVE these.

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We surely hope you're going to love this product drop as much as we do! :) Can't wait to know what you guys think.



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