We're now offering Afterpay!

Actually, since November 2023. Haha! We just haven't had the chance to inform you guys about it cause it's been chaos here haha. A few of you had suggested it in our last year's survey, and then again during our Advent Calendar promotion. For a long time, we had delayed incorporating this because we knew that the cost of getting Afterpay is a lot on the small business side. With the increasing costs of manufacturing, shipping, labor, transaction fees especially since we deal with a lot of customers all around the world - it took us awhile to deliberate this decision. But of course, we also understand the benefit to you as our customer.

With Afterpay, you pay interest-free in 4 instalments for 6 weeks. 

Essentially, it gives you, our customers, more options so that you can budget/manage your expenses especially if it's a rather large purchase. It's available for our US, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia customers. 

For more details, you can check out their blog here

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