Writing the Creative Calligraphy Made Easy Book

I still can’t believe sometimes that I actually have written a book! And a book about calligraphy, for that matter! I still remember when I first picked up Molly Suber-Thorpe’s Modern Calligraphy book many moons ago when I was just starting out with calligraphy… who would’ve known that I would also at some point, write a book myself, in my own perspective as a wedding calligrapher? Truly, it has been such a blessing!

I still remember receiving the inquiry late in 2019 and we were entering the busiest season of the year (Q4) for our other biz, Lark & Ives, and so I found my plate super full and I had to ask for an extension to finish the book by the end of March!


But I also seem to enjoy making my plate super full, as I was also working on my calligraphy online course for beginners and launching it around this time. Gratefully, I had the full support from my family and my team to make this whole thing happen all at once.

It was such a joy planning all of the projects for the book, writing it, and then producing the photoshoots and styling each one of them so that we would be able to curate a beautiful book for you to read and learn from. This book not only shares the how-to write in calligraphy, but also talks all about the supplies, tools, and techniques for pointed-pen calligraphy as well as hand-lettering. Then, you also get 24 pages of writable worksheets, so you can practice directly on the book itself. Then of course, with your newfound calligraphy skills, we shared 30 stylish projects - from calligraphy cards, to hand-lettered gifts, to wedding menus and event calligraphy, to calligraphy gift wrapping ideas, and even handmade gifts with calligraphy. In this book I also listed all of my resources for my tools and supplies, and included a section on digitizing calligraphy as well.

I’m so grateful to partner with Page Street Publishing for the launch of this book, so it’s available in-store and online in a lot of places now. If you’re interested in getting this book, you can order the Creative Calligraphy Made Easy book here. Or, if you’d like to purchase our signed book bundle, which includes a signed copy of our calligraphy book for beginners, a tote, and two washi tapes.


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