Introducing the Brass Wax Seal Stove 2.0

Say hello to the newly improved Brass Wax Seal Stove 2.0!

The past week, my team and I have been so busy filming content nonstop for this launch! We are so excited to share the news and also what's new about the version 2.0. 

If you may recall, in summer 2022, we launched the Brass Wax Seal Stove 1.0 along with our wax beads collection, and soonafter we also had the Wax Stove Starter Kits. 

We love the Brass Wax Seal Stove because it gives us the flexibility to create a lot of beautiful, marbled wax seals. It also is a slower process -- and you know how we love the invitation to slow down especially in our fast-paced lifestyles. 

We can't wait to see you writing more notes and sealing your envelopes with the brass wax seal stove.

Our Spoon Is Now Wider, Shallower and Double-Handed

We received some feedback that our spoon was a bit harder to use especially for our left-handed users, so we made sure our new spoon has spouts on each side for ease of use. It also is wider and shallower for more wax melting, so you can easily make 2-3 wax seals with the larger spoon size. 

The Stove is also slightly shorter for quicker heating

Largely, the stove still looks similar with the arch shape and brass, but we've shortened the height, so that the spoon would sit closer to the candle heat. 

Pairs wonderfully with our Wax Beads

We designed the brass stove to pair with our wax beads collection, and we have 8 (and more to come!). Alternately, you can also cut some wax from your wax sticks to create wax seals with them. 

We can't wait for you to try this new wax sealing tool!

The Brass Wax Seal Stove is available on its own, or you can pair it with our wax beads, or better yet, get it with our Wax Stove Starter Kits! With Valentines just around the corner, might want to *hint hint* at this! :) 

xoxo, Karla

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