Gift Ideas for the Beginner Calligrapher

With the holiday season upon us (is it just me or did it sneak up on us so fast this year?!), it's time to start thinking about unique and one-of-a-kind gift ideas for your loved ones. 

These gift ideas are good for: the creative person, the person who already has everything, the calligrapher you know, or the person who loves trying new things!

Or, hey, if you ARE a beginner calligrapher and want to gift yourself some self-love this season, these are great ideas for you too! 

Calligraphy Starter Kit

We wanted to make a kit that you were going to love from beginning to the end. Since I can't be there physically with you to teach you about calligraphy, I have created this box to include all the tools you will need in order to be successful! The box also works as a storage container for all of your calligraphy supplies.
Calligraphy Starter Kit

Practice Pad Bundle 

When I first made these, they were intended for my in person workshop students so that they could practice on their own after class ended. But now with my online Creative Calligraphy Course, they’re a great supplement during and after the course, too! They are great for practicing to get better but also for some inspiring, meditative practice.
Calligraphy Practice Pad for Tracing

Nib Sampler 

This sampler kit includes one of each nibs: 

  • Hunt 101 
  • Brause Rose 
  • Leonardt Principal EF 
  • Brause EF66 
  • Hunt 22 
  • Tachikawa G 
  • Gillott 404

I love how different each nib can be - they vary in height, flexibility, pointedness, which also means you may create various styles through the different nibs. I've always loved the thought of speed dating with nibs, and these are my top 7 nibs aside from my daily nibs, Nikko G and Brause Steno which are part of my starter kits. 

Calligraphy Nib Sampler

By gifting the nib sampler, the beginner calligrapher can practice their strokes and experiment with the different nib options out there. This is a great way to get a feel for what preferences you have as a calligrapher, so that way when you go to purchase more nibs in the future, you know exactly what you are looking for. 

Ink Sampler

These 3 are my favorite colored inks, straight from the bottle! Take the thought out of the ink search by starting with my ink sampler bundle! I still remember looking high and low for the perfect shades of gold and white ink when I was first starting out my calligraphy journey. It can be a frustrating time of trial and error because there are many different brands out there, and not all of them work well. With all the years I have practiced, this ink sampler takes the stress out of the search for beginner calligraphers!
Best Inks for Calligraphy
What is even better than gifting a physical item?? Gifting an experience. Put all of these fun tools to use in our Creative Calligraphy Course. Enrollment is happening December 1-8. Sign up here. Only people on our waitlist list will receive special holiday offers and up-to-date announcements. 
I cannot wait to see the fun things you create with these fun gift items! Don't forget to tag me on social media @writtenwordcalligraphy 


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