Ukraine Support + Shipping Updates

Praying for Ukraine

I just wanted to say thank you to over 30 of you who have extended your support towards Ukraine by purchasing some of our Bible Verse worksheets. This week my feed has just been populated with so many heartbreaking news, images and videos of the war. If you are from Ukraine or have family there, you are in our prayers. Until the end of the month of March we are donating 100% of our proceeds from the Bible Verse Worksheets to the Canadian Red Cross through their Ukraine humanitarian efforts as well as Save the Children Canada's Ukraine mission. 

Ukraine Prayer Worksheets

We Care About You

We want to get your orders to you in a timely fashion- and shipping has been a huge hurdle lately! 

This 2022, we've also started seeing delays even to our USA orders. So, we finally threw our hands up and reached out to DHL, our express shipping partner, and they've partnered with us to provide better shipping rates across the world. This would mean a 2-7 business day turnaround for most countries, on top of our processing time (we ship Mondays and Fridays only).

I know express shipping rates are still higher than regular shipping, but especially for some countries, we've had to remove regular shipping as it's just unreliable and it would take forever (I'm talking 2-3 months or more) or never....... We just want to make sure you have a positive customer experience with us and we want to avoid frustration surrounding shipping. 


Example using 1 Calligraphy Starter Kit which weighs 3.5lb/1.6kg

  • USA - starts at $26 
  • UK, Germany, Switzerland - starts at $40
  • Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Philippines - starts at $55
  • Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia etc. - starts at $67
  • Mexico and South America - starts at $50 
  • Rest of the World - starts at $75

 Creative Calligraphy Course Sign Up

Creative Calligraphy Course Reopening

Enrollment: April 4-8, 2022 for a start date of April 11

CCC is our beginner modern calligraphy online course and we open and close enrollment a few times a year. With that in mind, you'll be needing supplies for the course, which includes our highly popular Calligraphy Starter Kit (which we have limited quantities for) and optional Practice Pads, Pointed Nib Sampler and Ink Sampler

Since the start date is so close to the enrollment date, it will help you a LOT to order your supplies early so that they arrive on time. To give you an idea, USA and Canada orders arrive 1-2 weeks, rest of the world can take from 2-12 weeks via regular shipping. That's why we are sending this email about express shipping to give you options to get them in sooner than later. 

If you've been thinking of taking the Creative Calligraphy Course, make sure you check your email this coming Monday, March 7 for some extra special news. 


Don't forget to shop our calligraphy supplies HERE

I can't wait for what is ahead, I have been spending so much time designing this week, which has been a breath of fresh air for me. 




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